1. After filming in Ganmain for a couple of days, John Howard chose to stay there over the weekend to await the rest of the cast & crew on Monday. He held court Ganmain Hotel all weekend and was the toast of the town.
  2. The rustic & brilliantly named ‘Downside Hall’ was one of the key locations in the film. Some Cast & Crew travelled back out to the hall one Saturday night for the Tin Shed Rattlers Bush Dance. The Rattlers have played monthly at the hall on the first Saturday of the month since 1971.
  3. The location of the very first scenes shot in the film was Director Mark Grentell’s former classroom at Uranquinty Primary School.
  4. The owners of the Black Swan Hotel in North Wagga were initially reluctant for the art department to improve the interior by painting the walls of the bar. They feared that locals might be put off by any attempt to update their rustic reputation.
  5. Thanks to the life saving skills of Ben Knight [Harpo] Aaron Gocs [Porterhouse] was spared from becoming a victim of the legendary ‘5 O’Clock Wave’ in the Murrumbidgee River during a swim at Wagga beach on a day off.
  6. Josh McConville’s character Snapper was supposed to be the worst player in the team but in reality, Josh was one of the best players in the cast and had to use his exquisite clowning skills to pretend to be rubbish.
  7. Nick Cody played Goober the captain of the team thus resurrecting his career as a 5 time Premiership Captain with the Werribee Tigers. However, these were all Junior Premierships unlike Damian Callinan’s 4 Premierships that were all won at Senior level.
  8. Many local businesses sponsored the film. The first to get on board were ViewCo Glass who are the Rooster’s jersey sponsor and is owned by Mark Grentell’s father in law, Ian Knight.


  1. Goober & Snapper were played by sock puppets
  2. Nick Cody [Goober] & Josh McConville [Snapper] must never be told this!
  3. A number of characters in the film were only ever referred to in the live show including Neville, Fran, Tou & Suresh
  4. The play was performed in a number of actual football clubs, some of whom had been involved in actual club mergers themselves.
  5. The play was performed in every state in Australia as far north & west as Broome & as far south & west as Hobart
  6. The play was directed by fellow comedian & writer Matt Parkinson who also plays Goliath on ‘The Chase’
  7. Many of the voice overs in the play were done by Kate McLennan before she went on to fame with The Katering Show’
  8. The community radio voice over in the show were based on an actual presenter I heard on Alpine Radio whilst on tour in Mt Beauty, Victoria. This key element lives on the film.
  9. As well as a film the live show has also sporned a podcast. The Bodgy Creek Football Club Podcast which is a weekly digest of club titbits, game reviews & community news is just about to begin its third season.
  10. Troy Carrington is regularly booked as a corporate, after dinner speaker